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Name Of Game: Clash Royale MOD APK

Category Of Game: Strategy Game


Clash Royale Mod Is Developed by Supercell. Clash Royal Mod is a real-time multiplayer game. As it is a most popular multiplayer android game, so there are a lot of Clash Royale Private Servers. You can play through any Clash Royal Mod Private Server available on the internet. Clashers always love to play the hacked version of Clash Royale that includes unlimited resources like Gems, Gold, Chests, etc. If you are also a clasher that loves to play with unlimited resources, then you would love to play Clash Royal Mod Apk latest version that is provided by the Clash Royale Private Server.

Here in this article, we are going to talk about the Clash Royale Mod Apk latest Apk file to download in 2018. Basically, Clash Royale Mod Apk is a real-time multiplayer game starring the Royales, collect and upgrade dozen of cards, spells, and defenses you know and love, you can win gems and coins for destroying towers and win crowns.

The Clash Royale Mod shines like a gem to the hardcore clasher. Clash of Royale is very easy to use, in fact, no matter whether you are an expert or beginner you can play easily.

The Clash Royale Mod apk for Android devices contains unlimited Gems, Gold, Coins, Elixir, and Maximum Level of the game is available for download through this site for free in this article. Just read the full article to know what the treasure you can get through this article for your favorite Clash Royale Android Game.

Characters of the Clash Royal Mod Apk:

 Royale’s, Barbarian Kings, Archers, Giants, and Wall Breakers.

Clash Royal Mod Apk is going to provide you the latest version of moded Clash Royale game. Not just APK but you will also get a detailed guide on how to install Clash Royale on Android.

Game Play:

You have to collect featuring cards of Clash of Clans Troops and Clash of Clans spells as much as you can. Just unlock and upgrade superb cards and spells. For example; knights and baby dragons. Princess with powerful cards and spells.

Just go and search for a battle after that you will love to destroy the towers. Everyone loves to win crowns in the different Arenas. You can join or create a Clash, or you can create or join a Clan to challenge your friends in a multiplayer game with real-time experience.

Currencies in Clash Royale Mod Apk:

Currencies in Clash Royal Mod Apk is similar to the Clash of Clans; the Clash Royale has several in-game virtual currencies that you can earn/purchase and then you can use to build stronger troops, to upgrade your cards, and to build an ultimate Battle Deck that can easily defeat your enemies. Names of these in-game virtual currencies are gems, elixir, coins, and gold.

However, do not worry you will get everything for free through Clash Royale Mod Apk that we will provide you thorough bellow link.

Benefits of Unlimited Currencies in Clash Royal Mod APK:

These currencies are usually very hard and really time-consuming to earn, that is why every player want to get simple Clash Royale MOD APK that could help him/her to get unlimited coins, elixir, gold, and gems. So, it makes the gameplay easier.

Features of Unlimited Cards Collection:

In Clash Royal Mod APK with a dominant collection of cards, the user can easily destroy his opponent’s towers, and he could win crowns to earn crown chests.

Overview Features of Clash Royal Mod APK:

Unlimited Gems: Clash Royale Mod APK helps you to get unlimited gems that you can use to cut down time for the upgrades, purchase of premium in-game items, and even you can exchange gems for the Crown chests.

Unlimited Gold and Coins: Clash Royale Mod APK provides you the unlimited Clash Royale gold and Clash Royale coins so you can form the best clan and to build your great battle community.

Maximum Level: Clash Royale Mod APK gives you highest experience points due to that you will be at the maximum level of Clash Royale Mod APK.

Clash Royale Mod APK have advantages and disadvantage these are as follow:


  • You get unlimited gems and gold.
  • All legendary cards can get easily.
  • You can try any card which is not released yet!.


  • You can’t play against any real opponent (like trainers in normal clash royale)
  • Never chat with your clan.
  • You can’t transfer your progress to the real


  • App Name          Clash Royale Mod Apk
  • App Size          92 MB+
  • Latest Version          2.8
  • Genre                        Strategy
  • Developed By         Supercell
  • Requires Android 4+
  • Root Required              No
  • Last Updated       June 27, 2018


  • Duel players from around the world take their Trophies and in real-time.
  • Earn chests to unlock rewards, upgrade existing ones and collect powerful new cards.
  • To earn epic Crown chests, destroy opponent’s towers and win Crowns.
  • Build and upgrade your card collection with dozens of your favorite Clash troops along with Clash Royale Family, defenses and spells.
  • Construct your ultimate Battle Deck, to beat your opponents
  • Friends to a private duel and challenge your Clanmates
  • Learn different battle scheme by watching the best duels on TV Royale
  • Unlock TOW new cards today! Royal Hogs and Giant Snowball


As we all know that the Clash Royale Apk is one of the most popular and famous game all over the world you can consider it a multiplayer game because we can play it with the worldwide player.

Here we talking about Clash Royale Mod Game info it has a lot of features, building a castle is one of the best features and for collecting different clan to fight a player can earn coins.

Clash Royale Mod Apk info old era people often play this game where a player fighting for their lands and the castles, by destroying opponent castle you can build your own castle to win the Trophies, coins, and crowns as well.

Download Clash Royale Mod APK:

We are providing you Clash Royale Mod apk with unlimited all resources along with the maximum level that could be achieved in the game so, you will have all the cards without paying any penny and all the crowns unlocked from the very beginning of the game.

Clash Royale Private Server:

With clash royale private server you can play multiplayer real-time game with your friends through your android phone and can experience the best Android strategy game with unlimited resources to get peak enjoyment.

Features of Clash Royale Private Server:

  • You can experience the Real-time multiplayer challenge from all around the world.
  • The user can collect and upgrade his cards like Knights; Baby drags, Princess and more.
  • You can build or join a clan to donate or receive cards.
  • The player can battle to take his/her opponents trophies.
  • You can challenge your friends in a virtual real-time multiplayer environment challenge.
  • The player can construct his battle deck with more powerful cards to defeat his enemies easily.

Clash Royale Mod Apk Download Latest Version



Server 1:

Clash Royale Light

Unlimited Gems, golds

Fast Loading

Fast Server

Infinite Chest

Create and join a clan

Fast server

Server 2:

Null’s Royale

Unlimited Gems, golds

Fast app loading

Fast challenge searching

Infinite Chests

Create and join a clan

Top Royales are available

Fast server


Many sites in the market are providing Clash Royale Mod Apk but they are not providing latest version, never provide an easy method or guide to install the game. But you don’t worry in this article we proper guide to download and easy method to install Clash Royale Game.

In the below list, we provide step by step guide to download and install Clash Royale Mod Game on your device easily.


  • Download the latest Apk file of Clash Royale Mod from the above link.


  • Once your Apk file downloaded on your phone storage and allow Unknown Sources, you can do that in Security Setting.


  • Now you APk file is successfully installed, so enjoy you Clash Royale Mod Game with unlimited coins and Gems.


The Clash Royale comprises of cards that feature baby dragons, princes, spells, knights, troops, and defenses from Clash of Clans. The player can upgrade these cards by defeating the enemy princesses and enemy king from the towers and by winning trophies at the Arena.

When you beat the other player, then you will be rewarded with an assortment of different cards and gold chests. You can create your own communities or team and share the cards. The Clash Royale Mod also requires an internet connection, similar to the Clash of the Clans game.


You can be played Clash Royale for free, but these come with some certain payable option. The player is rewarded with chests, the player obtains one chest every four hours. When you get the cards out from the chest, you need to open it, but these chests take a very long time to open it. However, you can open it quickly if you are willing to pay the cash.

Clash Royale is a great strategy app for Android, you’ll love its gameplay for sure, and we truly believe, you will enjoy it at home, at school or anywhere you’ll go with your Tablet or Smartphone and play Clash Royale game for many hours.


The Clash Royale is super amazing and very addictive. Anyone can play this game since the battles are quite effortless to win, but the player has to show some genuine game plan making skills.

You won’t have much problem with the game if you are patient enough to get through the long hours of chest unlocking. However, when you have competed with tough opponents, then you can turn around the game with quick thinking and clever strategies.

You just download the APK file of Clash Royale Mod from the download site and enjoy this stunning video game with your friends.

Clash Royale Game is one of the well known Mod Apk have many features as explained above although if you’re looking for the latest version of this amazing game.

In the end, I say that, thanks for downloading the APK file of Clash Royale for Android. I hope you will like this game and enjoy more.

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